English, Writers Craft, Social Studies, Cultural/Religous Studies, Psychology, Politics

Grade Levels:

7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th


Jayme is a Masters of Arts (Cultural Studies) student with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies and Psychology from Queen’s University. Working as a teaching assistant at the university, Jayme led weekly classes for students looking to succeed in their assignments and develop a deeper understanding of the course material. She also maintained office hours for students who needed an extra boost with one-on-one guidance. Jayme worked regularly with students looking for improvement in their essay writing skills. Jayme’s approach to helping her students achieve their personal academic goals includes identifying any weaknesses in study habits and teaching alternative, more successful skills and methods. Some of the skills that Jayme focuses on developing include: - Researching, planning, writing, and editing academic papers/essays/reports - Breaking down word-heavy assignments to a manageable scale and completing a successful project - Studying efficiently and effectively for test-taking - Honing study skills to prepare for university or college level courses Jayme’s success in her own education is a product of hard work and a great support network consisting of incredible educators and tutors along the way. She looks forward to assisting students regain their confidence academically and meet their goals.