English, Geography, History, Math, Science

Grade Levels:

4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th


In 2014, Julian Foglia completed his Bachelor of Liberal Arts (History) from York University and recently graduated from Brock University with his Bachelor of Education degree. Julian is certified to teach Junior and Intermediate English, History, and Science. Julian volunteered in the public school system for several years prior to teacher's college, however it wasn't until teacher’s college that he found his own style. During Julian's teaching blocks, he realized that student learning and engagement happens most when the lessons are authentic. That means that they are not only engaging, but practical. Julian is an avid supporter of the new teaching theories for math where they emphasize real world scenarios. When something is tangible and relatable to the real world, people (not only students) can truly grasp the concept and see the value in it. That’s how Julian wants to teach and in doing so hopes to encourage creativity and ingenuity to the next generation. In his spare time Julian loves to play sports and maintain an overall physical lifestyle. Recently Julian has had the liberty to travel and will continue to do so. He feels that both of his hobbies reflect with his teaching philosophy. Julian has learned that human interactions and experiences through travelling is key to any learning experience, and having a sport-like mentality gives someone the perseverance and tenacity to succeed. Julian hopes to pass on these beliefs to his students in the future.