Grade Levels:

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th


Silvana completed her undergraduate degrees at York University. She completed two separate degrees, the first in Sociology and the second in Psychology. Minor subjects to both degrees varied in areas such as, Visual Arts, French, Italian and History. Her Psychology Degree had a special focus on Child Development and Child Psychology. She completed her Bachelor of Education at York University in 1991, specializing in the Primary/Junior grade levels. Silvana’s 27 years of teaching experience in the classroom has covered all grade levels from JK to Grade 8, both as a regular classroom teacher and as a Special Education teacher. Her Special Education training allows her to focus on all types of learners; visual, tactile and oral learners who all assimilate information differently and at a different rates. As a Special Education Teacher, she is able to plan for each individual student according to their needs and strengths, using standardized and non standardized tests. She also has extensive experience working with high school students, with special focus on the writing process, mechanics of writing, and reading, promoting understanding, inferencing, and summarizing skills. Executive Functioning Skills are a major component to all of her tutoring sessions. In order to promote organization within various subject areas and to help students keep track of their assignments and due dates, she reviews their agenda, models note taking, high lighting and tracking practices with her students. Over the years she has completed a variety of courses and in services that were part of her ongoing professional development. Some of the courses and in-services focussed on: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, ASD Training, Later Literacy, Reading Recovery, Class Management, Special Ed., Artists in The Making, TRIBES, Social Stories, Technology in the classroom, and much more. She has coached basketball for over 10 years, ran craft clubs and art clubs for students who enjoyed expressing themselves creatively. She was head of the Anaphylaxis committee for 7 years, Divisional Head (Junior), Year Book coordinator, and helped organize the yearly Terry Fox Runs every Fall. During her spare time Silvana enjoys baking, cooking, painting, sketching, reading and spending time with her family. With the guidance and coaching of a good educator, Silvana believes all students are capable of learning what type of learners they are, what types of review suits them best, and at what rate they should pace themselves for optimum understanding. She believes it is important for all educators to allow students to take the extra time they may need to complete tasks. All students have different processing speeds and should not be rushed while trying to complete tasks. Silvana believes, once a student discovers his personal learning style and pace, he can develop skills that will enhance his style, rather than follow a prescribed learning format that may work for others, but not for him.